Thursday, 21 March 2013

How to Make Termite Bait Stations

Termite bait stations are useful for various purposes whether they are bought for commercially or homemade. They aid homeowners and exterminators in determining the importance of any potential termite infestation while reducing the population of termites. If you have a bait monitoring system, make sure to check it at least once in a month to find out how much poison and bait remain. The more poison is removed, the higher infestation.


1.      Find out places of probably termite infestations. The wooden foundations are touching the found, doors, windows are common places. In case you come across any fecal pellets around doors and windows sills. Whenever you find any suspect infestation, you should place the bait stations properly.

2.      Make sure to dig the shallow hole close to the areas you suspect termite action. Ensure that you line the hole with tiny pieces of wood. Then fill the fest of the hole with polystyrene foam.

3.      If you locate any suspicious area inside the house, you need to use fewer chemicals in bait stations. Pets or kids should employ the borax surrounded by wood in place of polystyrene foam. Basements and attics are the common areas to determine infestations indoors.

4.      Get in touch with a professional termite exterminator and allow them know that suspect termites in the home. Make sure you have properly set homemade bait monitors to examine the relevant Termite bait details.

Remember that the actual termite infestations require professional assistance. Though the homemade bait stations are not meant to eradicate the issue, they can show you how to severe the main problem. 


  1. Good point you emphasized here because I was always thinking that this baits can become substitute for commercial termite treatment. But then I'll still do this.