Friday, 21 December 2012

Termite Treatment by Natural Way

In nature, inspects like termite are considered useful because they eliminate fallen trees and rotten stumps. However, they do not seem good when they damage costly furniture. When you discover termites, it has become important to effectively get rid of them without damaging your items. Though consulting a professional termite removal professional or using a termite bait station can be effective, there are some small termite infestations that you can handle on your own. 

=> Sunlight
Termites favor dark areas to grow, so you can put your furniture outdoor in direct sunlight. Ensure that you rotate the furniture at different intervals of the day as this will also remove those termites that will try to hide themselves. 

Parasitic Nematodes
These are worms that feed fungi, bacteria and microscopic creatures. Some types of nematodes are known as beneficial for preying other insects like termites. For insect control, they are commonly added to water and sprayed on termites. Parasitic nematodes can be found easily with a little search.

=> Cardboard Trap
Creating an own cardboard trap is a good termite treatment that you can try with a few simple steps. Ensure that you spray 3 – 4 pieces of cardboard along with water. Place the trap close to the furniture and stack the damp cardboard. Thereafter, leave the cardboard trap for three to four days. 

=> Eliminate Moisture

The growth of termites increases considerably when they find water in dark areas. So, remove the furniture away from moisture and change its location. It is better to place the furniture close to window for some sunlight and natural air. The time your furniture starts becoming dry, termites will also removing swiftly. 
Apart from these natural ways, you can try suitable termite treatment Melbourne as well. There are many professional companies involved in termite treatment that can not only help you in removing such insects from your furniture but ensure that they never return.

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